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    Selling my Spartoi Maka cosplay!

    Asking for $135 plus $15 Shipping but I’m willing to negotiate.

    Was originally bought from Fan+Friend a while back. My personal measurements are 36”-26”-36”.

    What’s included:

    I also have a pair of white size 9 loafers I used for this that I will include for an extra $10 with no effect on the cost of shipping.

    Taking paypal only to my account at

    Another cosplay night. More like, I’m never gonna be free from making Homestuck shirts. A karkat shirt will be on its way this week as well. Sigh. I’ve made all but a megido, marym, zahhak, and ampora shirt and two of those are in my future. Ugh. Forever Homestuck trash.

    There are few things that are more stressful than cutting fabric for a cosplay. It always manages to take a few months off of my life.

    Can someone help me understand why this is happening.

    Can someone help me understand why this is happening.

    Thinking about Condesce. Thinking about BGD.

    Thinking about Condesce. Thinking about BGD.

    Terezi hoop skirt wip #cosplay #homestuck  #ballhown_dreamers

    Terezi hoop skirt wip #cosplay #homestuck #ballhown_dreamers

    May I just point out that it isn’t even august and I’m already working on my Katsucon cosplays.
    I have goals to finish this by next week. Then I move onto hoop skirt making. Maybe mix in some work on shantae, finish grimdark rose, and Condy.



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    Connecticon 2014


    Me and my doki UwU

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    Wooop whoop Connecticon vlog!

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    I’m off to Ctcon with my Thursday night Cosplay of jbf Luka.

    I’m off to Ctcon with my Thursday night Cosplay of jbf Luka.

    I need a picture of me holding a sign saying broadcloth whore while everyone scowls in the distance.

    I thought I’d compile another update on my work. Near done with my baggy ass john pants. Hood is also mainly done but I got to make the neck piece so I remade the pattern from my theif hood and doubled up by adding fef’s bit on. Started work on one of fef’s wings and tonight I finally decided to nut up and make the skirt. It turned out shorter than I wanted but I’m happy all else is good. Don’t know whether I like the skirt with or without a petticoat.

    JBF Luka: done
    Shantae: I don’t even know 60%
    Dreamers: 85% » paint swirls + drawstrings
    Hemostuck: 90% » cover+texture+ cover more+ paint
    Gt fef: : 50%» hem skirt+ pattern, cut, sew, hem hood+ make ,paint tiara+make all of shirt+wings
    Gt John: 70% » finish hood+ hem and drawstring paints

    ###Tomorrow/Monday’s tasks:###
    Finish dreamers
    Finish GT John
    Finish fef’s skirt
    Make Tiara
    Start on horns
    Start on fef hood

    Got my package for my condy cosplay but the leotard is a little small. Also got my pink wig for just be friends Luka for Thursday of Ctcon.

    Adventures in making derse dreamers. Quite amazed we had the attention span to make this in essentially a day. Just need to finish the details and add our respective shoulder things and collars. Also featuring Amelia who wanted to be involved at all points and chose to play with my scissors while cuting fabric. Also featuring veelafreckles as my sugoi dirk.